Cissell High Speed Washer-Extractor. Up to 300 G-force.

An Exceptional Choice

  • 3 year warranty
  • up to 300 G-force extract
  • available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 140, and 175 lb models
  • PS40 micro-processor provides up to 50 programmable cycles

Cissell Hardmount High Speed Washer-Extractor

Up To 300 G-Forces

For more than half a century, Cissell has been an industry leader in the design and innovation of laundry equipment. Our unwavering commitment to building durable, reliable and affordable equipment has resulted in Exceptional Choices for our customers. No other brand can provide you with as broad a product range combined with outstanding quality, reliability, technical support and dependable distributors.

Cissell’s washer-extractors are recognized worldwide for producing superior results and maximum productivity. When you put Cissell in your laundry, you are choosing products that will stand up to the toughest demands. Whether you choose our medium or high-speed models, you’ll receive top quality results every cycle.

Our high performance laundry equipment is built to give you complete control to tailor each wash to the specific requirements of the individual load. In addition, the large capacity range of our washers ensures there’s a size to meet your unique needs.

ExceptionalChoices — it’s what makes Cissell the best overall value for your laundry.

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Cissell PS40 Washer-Extractor Controller

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